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How to join the Plan

If you’re not a member of any Royal Mail pension scheme at the moment, you can join the Royal Mail Defined Contribution Plan (RMDCP).

If you’re saving into the RM Cash Balance Scheme, you can switch to the RMDCP instead. This would allow you to save less than 6% of your pay into your pension pot, but would mean you get less from Royal Mail too.

If you want to start saving into the RMDCP, please contact the Royal Main HR Services Team on 0345 6060 603 or

​How to opt out of the Plan

You can choose to opt out of the Plan. This would mean you stop saving money into it and Royal Mail stop putting money in too. So you’ll lose out on extra money that could have been yours.

If you decide to opt out, you usually have the right to rejoin. And if you’re still working at Royal Mail after 3 years, the law says they have to make you a member of the Plan again. You can then opt out again, if you want to. 

To opt out, call Scottish Widows on 0800 092 8263

They’ll help you opt out over the phone. It usually takes about ten minutes.

Calls from UK landlines are free. Charges from mobile phones may vary.

How to move money into the RMDCP from another plan

You might be able to transfer money from a different pension plan into your Royal Mail Defined Contribution Plan. 

If you want to transfer money from another pension plan, get in touch with Scottish Widows. You can call them on 0800 092 8263. It’s a good idea to talk to a financial adviser before you do this.

If you’re transferring money from a defined benefit scheme, and the amount you’re transferring is over £30,000, you have to get advice first

That advice needs to come from an adviser who is qualified to help people who want to transfer out of a defined benefit scheme.

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